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'By the sword she seeks peace and liberty'


What a motto to live by, eh? Peace and liberty but on my terms with additional sword, thank you very much.


A Phoenix, wings spread, rising from the ashes takes centre stage of this gorgeous old shield shaped shardonyx seal. Legend has it that only one phoenix can live at a time. After 500 years of life, they make a nest and set themselves on fire. As the flames die down, a new bird, stronger, and renewed, emerges from the ashes. A rising phoenix inspires hope.


The ring has been reshanked at some point during her life and has lost the engraving to the inside of the band which you can see the remnants of very faintly on the inner shoulders. The top right corner of the seal is chipped but the stone is secure in its setting.


I'd be happy to resize this ring, significantly, please leave a note at checkout and allow two weeks.

Rising phoenix intaglio signet ring

Out of Stock
    • Material - 9ct gold and sardonyx

    • Hallmarks - none

    • Country of origin - England

    • Size - UK P.5 / US 7.75 

    • Weight - 5.1g

    • Condition - Good antique condition. The ring has been reshaked in the past. The stone is chipped in one corner and there is slight movement but is secure in its setting.

  • All of my pieces are at the very least pre-loved and most of them are vintage or antique. This item is not brand new and as such, will not look brand new. Please expect signs of wear to include kinks in links, surface wear to gold, scuffs to stones and accept this as part and parcel of buying second hand jewellery. I will be as clear as I can with item descriptions and condition statement and aim to make sure you are aware of any potential defects before you buy.

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