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The first thing you might be wondering about this bracelet is, why night and day? And it’s a good question. During the Victorian era when these bracelets were made, thought was given to producing something that could take the wearer from ‘night to day’


Special jewellery wasn’t and still isn’t just for special occasions, right? We’re looking for pieces that we can wear every day and for all occasions.


The thinking behind these particular bracelets was that the fancy side would be worn for evening entertainment (or entertaining) and the plain side would be worn during the day when one went about their daily business.


It’s a frugal and beautiful way of design.


Material - 9ct gold. The chased side is more yellow where the gold is exposed and the plain side is warmer and rosier

Hallmarks - 9ct on every link and dog clip

Country of origin - England

Length - 7.5"

Width - 8.5mm

Weight - 10g

Condition - good antique condition. The links are hollow and as such the joins are visible. This is normal and to be expected and in no way compromises the strength. One of the chased links has a small perforation as shown in the photos, very common with a piece of this age.

Antique night and day bracelet

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