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I've had this Victorian guard chain with me for around a year . I originally bought it for stock but loved the versatility of it a bit too much so kept hold of it. I've worn it many many times and always had compliments, it's just a really sexy chain.


I have mentioned this in my stories but let me do so again, so that you're fully aware. Most antique chains we come across aren't in perfect condition; why would they be? They are for wearing and loving, when worn and loved for over 100 years, you have to expect some wear and tear, it's the nature of the beast. 


The links on this chain are hollow and lots of them have minor dings on them, some have larger dings on them and are misshaped and two of them have split and been repaired. There is also a replacement link which you can see in the photos.


Do I love this chain in spite of these imperfections? Yes I do. Will I ever scrap jewellery that can be loved for another lifetime? No, sir. What I will do though is account for the condition of the chain in the price and bring you a bargain...


  • Material - 9ct gold
  • Hallmarks - 9CT tag to end link and 9C to bolt ring
  • Country of origin - England
  • Length - 58"
  • Width - 3mm
  • Weight - 15.2g
  • Condition - outlined above

Antique guard chain with bolt clasp

Out of Stock
  • All of my pieces are at the very least pre-loved and most of them are vintage or antique. This item is not brand new and as such, will not look brand new. Please expect signs of wear to include kinks in links, surface wear to gold, scuffs to stones and accept this as part and parcel of buying sustainable jewellery. I will be as clear as I can with item descriptions and aim to make sure you are aware of any potential defects before you buy.

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