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What is a guard chain? I had to Google the question a while back.

Guard chains are super long necklaces that were worn during the Georgian and Victorian eras by women who wanted somewhere than a pocket to store their pocket watch. The chains would be tucked into belts and draped, doubled up and slung over a shoulder or tripled and layered for the look we love today. The whole point was that they would be long enough to have the watch easily accessible. No messing about for them in their pockets!

Some were as long as 70”, which I’m pretty sure is longer than me.

Today, wear them to create the illusion of two or three chains, no more tangled layers. Tell me that is not VFM.

Material - 9ct gold

Hallmarks - 9ct to dog clip

Country of origin - England

Length - 44.5”

Width - 2.5mm

Weight - 16.6g

Specifications - the chain can be easily doubled but not tripled. The chain does not open, it is intended to be slipped over your head

Condition - beautiful antique condition with very minor wear to note. The dog clip opens and closes securely and the spring is in full working order

Antique guard chain

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