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Darling chased puffy heart from c1890


It’s been so beautifully made, in thick 9ct gold and although it’s hollow, it doesn’t feel it.


There is a fracture to one edge towards the bottom, which you can see in the photos. Why didn’t this stop me buying it? I asked myself the same question and to be honest, the imperfection made me want to buy it more.


I feel that it’s truly representative of the human heart, that so many times gets hurt, broken even, but carries on beating. There’s no way I was going to let this little piece of history drop into the melting pot.


I shall keep her safe until she finds her new caretaker.


  • Material - 9ct gold
  • Hallmarks  - none, tested for 9ct
  • Country of origin - England
  • Length inc jump ring - 1.8cm
  • Width - 1.2cm
  • Weight - 1.35g
  • Condition - as you can see in the photos, there is a small perforation to one side of the bottom edge. It is unoticible when flipped over and worn. It does not look, to me, like it will worsen over time.



Victorian puffy heart

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