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Occasionally I take a punt on a piece and I'm not entirely sure if it's a good buy or not. That happened with this Figa and so I immediately spoke to my frined Catherine (who runs Jewels Antiqua and really knows her stuff) and she confirmed that it was even better than I thought it was. Result!


So, what is a Figa? A Figa, or Mano Figa, originated in Etruscan Italy. Mano translates to 'hand' and figa to 'fig' which is basiaclly slang for female genitalia. It's a clenched fist with the end of the thumb popping through the index and middle finger. This gesture is said to represent good luck but also to protect from 'evil eyes' beacause it's so obscene and offensive. Nowadays it is seen as a sign of female strength and ampowerment. LOVE IT.


To learn more, read this -


The detail is beautiful, it really is. Under magification I can see that fingernails have been intricately carved into the tips of the fingers. The findings are made from 9ct rosy gold and are unmarked but have been tested.


  • Materials - Mother of Pearl and 9ct gold
  • Hallmarks - none
  • Country of Origin - late 19th century England
  • Length inc jumo ring - 2cm
  • Width - 8mm
  • Weight - 1.2g
  • Condition - this piece is in beautiful antique condition. There is gorgeous iridescence over the top and bottom of the hand but the sides have worn, probably from being hung next to other charms over the years. Please remove this pieces prior to sleeping/swimming/showering etc and store it carefully.


Rare Victorian Mother of Pearl Figa

Out of Stock
  • All of my pieces are at the very least pre-loved and most of them are vintage or antique. This item is not brand new and as such, will not look brand new. Please expect signs of wear to include kinks in links, surface wear to gold, scuffs to stones and accept this as part and parcel of buying sustainable jewellery. I will be as clear as I can with item descriptions and aim to make sure you are aware of any potential defects before you buy.

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