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I absolutely love this chain and I’ve had it in my own collection for a while.


It's your perfect, every day antique watch chain. Solid enough to withstand being worn non stop and not so heavy that you're going to want to take it off to 'rest your neck' which is honestly a thing if you're wearing super heavy chains!


Please take note of the colour of the gold. This chain is not pure yellow gold. It's also not rose gold. It is yellow gold with a rosy hue that is so often found in these old watch chains. Please don't buy this chain expecting it to be bright yellow gold, because it's not.


Solid, open, oval curb links. Warm rosy Victorian gold. Double dog clips. What more is there to say?


  • Material - 9ct gold
  • Hallmarks - stamped on every link, jump rings and dog clips. in my opinion the jump rings and dog clips are original to the chain
  • Country of origin - England
  • Weight - 25.5g
  • Length - 16.25" (for size reference my neck is 12")
  • Width - 6mm
  • Length of each dog clip - 2cm
  • Length of each link - 9mm
  • Condition - beautiful antique condition. The dog clips are in full working order. On 8 of the links the stamps are worn, on the rest the stamps are clear. On one dog clip the stamp is worn, on the other it is clear.


Antique double Albert chain

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