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It feels like ages since I've had a classic Albert chain in stock and I'm instantly reminded of how muchI love them. They're the ultimate investment when you're looking to spend a fair bit of money on a gold chain. There's a reason they've been around for so long; they retain their class and their value.


Wear this forever and then pass it on to someone you love to continue its journey.


The links are solid, not hollow and the colour of the gold is yellow with a hint of warmth. These chains in 9ct are not bright yellow gold, if you'd like your Albert to be bright yellow, then go for one in 18ct.


  • Material - 9ct gold
  • Hallmarks -  double stamped on every link, jump ring and dog clip
  • Country of origin - England
  • Length - 15.75"
  • Width - 5mm
  • T bar drop - 3cm
  • T bar length - 3.4cm
  • Weight - 28g
  • Condition - beautiful antique condition. Some of the stamps on the links are worn. The jump ring connecting the dog clip to the chain is rosier than the rest of the piece and is likely a replacement.

Albert chain with dog clip and t bar

Out of Stock
  • All of my pieces are at the very least pre-loved and most of them are vintage or antique. This item is not brand new and as such, will not look brand new. Please expect signs of wear to include kinks in links, surface wear to gold, scuffs to stones and accept this as part and parcel of buying sustainable jewellery. I will be as clear as I can with item descriptions and aim to make sure you are aware of any potential defects before you buy.

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